Ministry Reduces Home Delivery Bikes 15 Per Company

Crisis surfaced between the Ministry of Interior and the food delivery companies, where the ministry took the decision to limit the home delivery motorbikes to only 15 per company.

The decision comes after there have been increasing complaints of bikers on the roads who either do not have a license or are not on company sponsorship whereas car licenses are controlled in a better way.

This decision caused confusion since major companies own thousands of home delivery service staff while the actual number of companies is estimated in hundreds stating that they rely heavily on them to deliver orders on specific days.

The sources stated to Al Qabas that the companies have become a punching bag between the Ministry of Commerce and trade, and the Ministry of Interior which decided to deprive them of delivering orders by reducing staff size which will cause companies to delay delivery of orders on time to which they will lose customer base.

The sources said that the sudden decision in the current crisis also needs to replace or purchase new cars although there has been a huge revenue crisis that this sector has suffered. There are many issues the companies have to face as old motorbikes need to be disposed to permissible limits.

In addition, the companies will have to pay to the bank for the motorbike loans, buy new cars followed by routine procedures to obtain driving licenses.

The sources criticized the surprise decision of the Ministry of Interior, which suspended all companies’ transactions until the decision was implemented.

Such decisions require a grace period after which implementation and sanctions are imposed, stating that this decision will increase vehicles on road and create traffic congestion.


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