MoCI Closely Monitors Domestic Workers Offices Over ‘hiring’ Fees

In view of the recent decision of the government to resume the recruitment of domestic workers, Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Issa Al-Salman explained his ministry’s role is to closely monitor the domestic labor recruitment offices to ensure they remain committed to the agreement on fees as per the gender of the domestic workers, reports Al-Rai daily. In response to the question of MP Ahmed Al-Hamad, Al-Salman said the ministry specifies fees for the recruitment of domestic workers based on the recommendations of an advisory committee.

The agreed recruitment fees depending on the workers’ country of origin are as follows: Philippines – KD390 for both genders, India – KD200 for women and KD100 for men, Sri Lanka – KD240 for women and KD180 for men, Ethiopia – KD145 for both genders, Bangladesh – KD196 for both genders and Senegal – KD480 for both genders. According to the minister, these fees were specified while taking into consideration the official fees and expenses in each country. He clarified that these fees do not include the commission of recruitment offices and intermediaries in the countries of origin, expenses of labor recruitment offices in Kuwait and their profit margin.

He pointed out that monitoring the recruitment of domestic workers for Kuwaiti families is the prerogative of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and the ministry is in charge of consumer-related complaints. If the domestic labor recruitment offices are found to have not complied with the fees set by the ministry after inspection, a violation will be registered against them and they will be referred to the Public Prosecution, he added.



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