MOH Inaugurates The Second Phase Of Mobile Field Vaccination Units

The Ministry of Health (MOH) launched the second phase of the mobile field unit’s campaign to vaccinate various workers in the central shopping malls in the country against coronavirus, Al-Rai reported.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, said that this service comes within the efforts of the Ministry of Health to combat the spread of coronavirus and to expand the base of beneficiaries of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Al-Sanad stated that the mobile medical units are provided with the various equipment necessary to receive the beneficiaries, to ensure the smooth flow of vaccination procedures, and the application of all precautionary and preventive measures.

Al-Sanad said that the process of Individual data entry and completing the registration process after receiving the beneficiaries is carried out by scanning the civil ID card to complete registration to ensure speed and accuracy and then complete the vaccination process within a few minutes.

He explained that the campaign will continue to work at the Avenues Mall in two phases, and it is expected to finish providing the first dose of vaccination to about 10,000 people working in the coming days.

In the context of previous efforts for the mobile unit’s campaigns, Dr. Al-Sanad indicated that more than 34,758 employees received vaccination through this service in its first stage among the employees of several bodies, such as cooperative societies, mosques, the banking sector, food manufacturers, cinemas, and others.

In conclusion, Dr. Al-Sanad praised the efforts of the various campaigners and medical personnel participating in the various vaccination centers.



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