MoH Start Accepting Registration Of People Who Took Vaccination From Outside Kuwait

MoH start accepting registration of vaccines issued from outside Kuwait for citizens and residents against Covid-19. Expatriates who took any of the approved vaccines in Kuwait from abroad can register their data on this link to be validated by Public Health Department, so that it will enable those to register in “Immune APP” and enjoy the same benefits and privileges as those who are vaccinated within the state of Kuwait.

residents and expatriates abroad can register on https://vaxcert.moh.gov.kw/SPCMS/PH/CVD_19_Vaccine_External_Registration.aspx and upload their vaccine document issued by the appropriate authority of their Country from which they took the vaccination. The Public Health Department will verify and send the status of Approval of submitted Document and related information within three working days. If the vaccine document is approved, they can use the Immune app, which will show the vaccination status.



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