MoH Urges Citizens To Abide By Health Precautions During Eid

Kuwait’s Ministry of Health urged citizens on Wednesday to abide by health precautionary measures during Eid Al-Fitr’s prayer and the holidays to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The Ministry underlined, on its social media account, the importance of covering the nose and mouth while staying in mosques, keeping a safe distance between persons, and bringing their own praying mat.

It also stressed on avoiding social gatherings during the holiday especially indoors, keeping in mind also avoiding handshakes and any physical interaction with elderly people and children.

Meanwhile, worshipers flocked to Eid Al-Fitr prayer halls, wearing mask to perform Eid prayers. 1500 mosques specially dedicated to Eid prayer in the country, they witnessed a large turnout of citizens and residents to perform the blessed Eid Al-Fitr prayer.

The security men were deployed in the vicinity of the mosques to secure the worshipers.



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