MoH Vaccinates 3,000 Male, Female Banking Sector Staff

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Kuwait Banks Club, vaccinated 3,000 male and female employees working in the Kuwaiti banking sector. The director of the Banks Club, Abbas Al-Balushi, said the vaccination campaign for bank employees was organized under the slogan ‘Vaccination, a national duty’. He pointed out the bank sector’s employees are in direct contact with the public when they complete their transactions, so vaccination for this category of employees serves as a protection for them and for the citizens and residents who deal with them.

Al-Balushi indicated last Sunday was the first day of the campaign when about 1,000 employees were vaccinated within a very short time. He noted the Ministry of Health is working to vaccinate all employees of the banking sector who have registered their names on the ministry’s website. He added that vaccination is a big step towards achieving community immunity.



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