MoI Clarifies About Reports Over Covering Up Of A Complaint Lodged Against Woman

The Ministry of Interior has issued a clarification statement regarding the reports circulating on some social media sites that accuse an official of the Ministry of Interior of covering up a complaint lodged against a Kuwaiti woman, reports Al-Rai daily. The ministry stated that, “The citizenship case is related to another case filed against a different individual.

Accordingly, the complaint was referred to the technical office where appropriate action will be taken in the event that there is a link between the two issues. This referral was made based on the legal procedures followed in this regard, and without interference from any other party. Legal action will be taken in the matter of the case immediately after the completion of the investigations”. The statement also emphasized that the General Investigation Department absolves itself from any behavior that might be offensive, and will take the necessary legal measures against anyone who offends it or any of its affiliates.



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