Move To Allow Converting Commercial Visit To Work Permits

In a step to solve the labor shortages in the market due to the closure of recruitment visas for labors, the Corona Emergency Committee has approved the request of shop owners and commercial companies to allow converting commercial visit visas into work permits without the need for the holders to leave the country and return with the new visas, local Arabic daily Al Qabas reported.

According to report, this approval was issued in a letter sent to the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) by the Assistant Secretary General of the Administrative and Financial Affairs in the Cabinet Osama Al-Duaij. The PAM is expected to issue a decision in this regard within the next few days.

They revealed that the previous mechanism required the employer to obtain a permit for employment from PAM if the employee was outside the country, and then the Ministry of Interior would be addressed to approve the issuance of the permit.



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