New Coronavirus Spreads Faster, Doesn’t Make Sicker

According to a study report, there seems to be clear evidence about the coronavirus that has spread from Europe to the US, that the new form spreads faster than before but doesn’t make the person sicker. The new mutation spreads faster and more infectious.

The new mutation affects the spike protein and the current vaccines under tests are made to target the spike protein as well. With the new development in this global study, the vaccines under development are to be tested with the new mutation yet. According to the same research, the new mutation G614 has replaced the first version to spread in Europe and the US which is called D614.

Virus mutation variant G614 spreads faster, more infectious but not more pathogenic. The G614 variant was rare outside of Europe as of March this year but has spread across the world by the end of March. The G614 appears to be multiplying faster in the upper respiratory tract, the nose, sinuses, and the throat, thus by making itself pass easily around.

The study confirms that the new version did not make the patients any worse than those who suffered from the original variant. The latest G614 variant mutation can be neutralized by convalescent serum, the blood product antibodies from the recovered coronavirus-infected.

So far in the US, more than 128,000 people died due to the coronavirus infection, while there are more than 2,712,000 confirmed cases. On Thursday alone, there are 25,350 new cases and 330 deaths. The US had the highest ever cases in a single day, yesterday with more than 50,000 new infections.

More than 23 states in the US have rolled back the reopening plans due to the sharp spike in coronavirus infection rates.


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