New Deals To Hire Domestic Workers

State authorities, headed by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), are planning to sign new agreements to recruit domestic workers, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting reliable sources. They revealed that work is currently underway to sign a labor agreement with Ethiopia, after PAM finalized the required amendments and recommendations, and submitted the final version to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval.

Owners of some domestic labor recruitment offices explained that, after resuming the recruitment of Filipino domestic workers, the issue of fees allocated in the “Bil Salamah” platform for facilitating the return of domestic workers (under article 20 visa) to the State of Kuwait became a cause for problems between citizens and domestic labor recruitment offices.

Fees The registered fees for bringing in a domestic worker from abroad, especially from the Philippines, is KD 490, which is to be added to the amount of the new contract that is estimated at KD 890. The amounts specified in the “Bil Salamah” platform are not refundable and are not included in the value of the new contract. The warranty period specified for the contract is six months based on certain requirements.

Meanwhile, the latest government statistics revealed a decrease in the number of domestic workers in the country to 668,000 in the current year. It highlighted that there are ten main nationalities working in the domestic labor sector, both men or women. In order of the highest number, these nationalities are – India, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Nepal, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Madagascar, Benin. In addition, Kuwait International Airport, during the next few days, will witness an increase in the number of flights from the Philippines, with hundreds of domestic workers on board, through new contracts. Informed sources said, “Flights will start arriving from the Philippines with domestic workers onboard from May 10, in compliance with the health procedures approved at the airport.”



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