No Broker In Promoting Produce

The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs for Cooperation Affairs and Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Salem Al-Rashidi confirmed that there are several positive repercussions for Ministerial Resolution No. 25/T of 2021 related to promoting the local agricultural product in cooperative societies and buy directly from the approved sales outlets.

Al-Rashidi indicated in a press statement this would market the local agricultural product in ‘cooperative societies without the need of an intermediary’. He explained the decision obliged the associations to buy local agricultural products by participating in the daily auction to buy no less than 75 percent of their needs depending on the size of the production. He pointed out that the purchase should be made according to automated invoices and from approved by marketing outlets. He stressed this would promote the local produce more broadly and contribute to supporting the Kuwaiti farmer.



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