No Hiring Of Engineers Without Experience

Local Arabic newspaper Alqabas Reported that the Kuwait Society of Engineers presented recommendations to the World Bank regarding the organization of the labor market in Kuwait. The Chairman of the Society of Engineers, Faisal Al-Atl, said in a statement: The first recommendation is related to the obligation of government agencies to evaluate and approve the engineering qualifications of non-Kuwaiti workers in various government sectors and projects and to find solutions to the problem of employing Kuwaitis in the public and private sectors during the next two decades.

He explained that the association hopes that the World Bank will include its recommendations for developing a job strategy in Kuwait, pointing to a second recommendation, which is the association’s initiative, which stipulates stopping the recruitment of newly graduated engineers from outside Kuwait until the completion of the employment of all Kuwaiti engineers in the public and private sectors and stopping the recruitment of those with less than 5 experience years to work in Kuwait.

He pointed out that the association presented to representatives of the World Bank and the General Secretariat for Planning mechanisms for accrediting non-Kuwaiti engineers to work in the Kuwaiti market, pointing out that more than 12,000 non-Kuwaiti engineers left the market because they were unable to pass the tests or that their engineering qualifications were not approved.


SOURCE  : alqabas

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