Oman Suspended All International Flights From India, Pakistan And Bangladesh Until Further Notice

Starting from April 24th, 2021, Oman has suspended all international flights from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh until further notice as part of measures to limit the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision was taken from the Supreme Committee to curb the spread of Corona virus (Covid-19). As per the released statement, the below was announced.

1. Ban on passengers traveling from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh or transiting through these 3 countries during the last 14 days, This will come into force starting from Saturday (24th April) until further notice. Trending : UAE suspends all flights from India due to corona

2. Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed to enter shops and commercial centers, All the commercial establishments must comply with this, and shops, restaurants and cafes need to reduce the capacity to 50% of its capacity with legal action to be taken against violators.

The Sultanate of Oman have reached to 185,278 Coronavirus cases, with 165,051 recoveries and the deaths to 1942 as of 22nd April, 2021, as per the data of Ministry of Health.

Authorities of Oman, recently imposed restrictions for the holy month of Ramadan in order to curb the spread of virus, A ban on movement of vehicles and people outdoors was reinstated in Ramadan. All commercial activities, Ramadan gatherings such as group iftars and tents were all prohibited. Read : Fine of 25,000 for digging well without a license.



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