On The Prowl To Catch Violators

The deputy head of the judicial police team, a member of the bachelors evacuation committee, Ahmad Al-Shimmari, said despite the challenges that the team faces, the most important of which is the corona pandemic, this does not deter the team from performing their tasks in the face of all violations and infringements on the electrical and water network as they fight to protect public money.

He explained the team recently launched a campaign in the three northern governorates of Farwaniya, Al-Jahra and Al-Asimah, which he called the biggest during the holy month of Ramadan. Al-Shimmari explained the campaign is similar to the previous campaigns carried out by the team in terms of continuous monitoring of violations throughout the three northern governorates which resulted in cutting off power and water supply based on a decision issued by the State Properties Administration of the Ministry of Finance, as part of the continuous cooperation between government agencies and the judicial control team and the electrical distribution networks of the Ministry of Electricity.

He mentioned the team discovered eight violations which varied between tampering with the water meter and illegal electricity connections from one building to another – a violation that results in cutting off power and water supply. During the campaign the team also issued 250 verbal warnings related to violations of Law 48/2005 and Ministerial Resolution 121/2017 and Resolution 255 of 2010. Al-Shimmari praised the role of the Ministry of Interior, specifically the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for the distinguished role it plays in all governorates to arrest violators who infringe on electricity and water services. Al-Shimmari stressed the team will continue to play its national role to protect the electricity and water networks and apply the law and regulations on everyone.



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