Over 650 Cancer Patients Sent To KCC In Year

The director of the Cancer Patients Fund of the Kuwait Society for Smoking and Cancer Control, Jamal Al-Saleh, said more than 650 cancer patients that the fund receives annually, are transferred to the Kuwait Cancer Center (KCC) and Palliative Treatment Center, reports Al-Jaridah daily. Al-Saleh said, in a press statement, the fund helps all cases that are referred to it, after reviewing medical reports by a specialized committee, and medical reports are accompanied by forms submitted by the society’s medical committee.

A-Saleh said the all patients need a helping hand due to their work interruption and their inability to bear the burden of treatment due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Al-Saleh indicated that the fund assists all cases that are referred to it after reviewing the medical reports and forms submitted by the competent and medical committees.

The medical reports are accompanied by forms submitted by the medical committee to the Patient Benefit Fund Society to study the marital status. He stated the fund provides material assistance to a cancer patient whose disease has prevented him from working, and works to provide financial support for tests and treatment for the patient, and also works to provide travel tickets for a cancer patient wishing to return to his/her country and also gives money in cash to help the patient reach their home country safely.

He noted the fund also offered psychological and spiritual support for patients by conducting annual Umrah trips from the beginning of the fund’s establishment until the emergence of the coronavirus. He pointed out the spiritual and moral support strengthens the faith of the patients relieves their pain, boosts their morale, strengthens their immune system, and makes it easier for them to receive treatment. He pointed out that the fund launched a Ramadan competition with the aim of increasing community awareness of cancer diseases, as part of the fund’s role in favor of cancer patients. Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cancer Aware National (CAN) Campaign Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh stressed on the importance of exercise during Ramadan to protect the body from diseases related to obesity, and pointed to the close link between obesity and many cancerous diseases that can be avoided by maintaining perfect weight.



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