PCR Certificate For KD 40

As preparations are underway to resume operation of commercial flights at Kuwait Airport from 1st of August, the Ministry of Health approved the first private clinic to conduct a PCR test for a fee of 40 dinars as it is one of the prerequisites for travelers who wish to travel.

Dr. Fatima Al-Najjar, Undersecretary National Medical Services stated that the accreditation came after examining the specialized technical committees to ensure that all the technical specifications and requirements could provide reliable service in compliance with the requirements.

She stated that the evaluation of accreditation was on basis of qualifications, experience, number of workers in the laboratory and their technical competence, the availability of equipment, devices and factors related to the examination stages, working methods and methods of collecting, transferring, storing, processing, examining, issuing test result, and checking the quality and safety of services by keeping high standards is essential for accreditation.

The results of the tests that will be conducted in the accredited private laboratories will be electronically linked to the database of the Ministry of Health laboratories, the accredited laboratory can receive samples from all licensed private medical clinics provided that they are collected by licensed physicians from those institutions.

The fixed fees were approved to KD 40 to maintain the quality and efficiency of the service and not exploit the current situation. Ministry is studying the rest of the applications received from private clinics for accreditation as there are many students and travelers who wish to leave the country.

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