PCR Test Cost For Departures Between 10 KD – 20 K

A responsible government source revealed from August 1st expats will be allowed to return back to Kuwait as per the government plan to gradually resume commercial flights.

All the travelers will need to obtain a certified PCR test certificate proving that the traveler is free from infection form Corona virus for the airports that requests.

The cost of the health certificate is expected to start from 10 dinars and will not exceed 20 dinars. The General Administration of Civil Aviation will standardize those fees after they are approved by the ground services and the Ministry of Health.

For Kuwaitis and expats returning back to Kuwait are required to obtain a health certificate from health centers accredited by Kuwait embassies abroad 4 days prior to their departure. It is not necessary to contact Kuwait consulates or Embassy to obtain any documents in order to avoid crowding at the embassies abroad. The sources stated that the “Sholnik” app is available for citizens and expatriates returning from abroad and installing this app is a must rule which is set by Ministry of Health.

The sources stated that an accredited health laboratory will be allocated under the management of the Ministry of Health at Kuwait Airport, in order for the departures to obtain a health certificate issued by the laboratories of the Ministry of Health to be certified free from Corona, and to provide health certificates for departures, which is the responsibility of the ground services companies at Kuwait International Airport.


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