Pfizer, AstraZenca, Moderna And Johnson & Johnson Vaccines Approved For Entry And Exit To Kuwait

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation stated that people are not be allowed to travel unless they have been vaccinated by the approved vaccine. The five vaccines Pfizer, AstraZenca, Moderna and Johnnson & Johnson have been approved inside and outside Kuwait.

As per the announcement by DGCA, Kuwaitis and their first degree relatives (Husband, Wife and children) are not permitted to travel outside Kuwait without vaccination. Unless they are vaccinated against coronavirus by approved vaccines.

However, five categories are exempted from above circular

– Kuwaiti citizens from Ministry of Health holding inability to be vaccinated certificate due to health reasons

– Pregnant Kuwaiti citizens holding proof of pregnancy certificate issued and approved by Ministry of Health

– All age categories not subjected to vaccination

– Kuwaiti students abroad must be immunized from coronavirus infection with at least one dose and should submit a proof of their study abroad and a proof of vaccination

– Accredited diplomatic mission to the State of Kuwait

No passengers will be accepted onboard to depart from state of Kuwait unless registered on Kuwaitmosafer app/website

No passengers will be accepted onboard arriving to Kuwait unless registered on Kuwaitmosafer app/website.

Meanwhile, the ban on expatriates from entering Kuwait continues until further notice.



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