Pfizer Predicts USD 26 Bln Covid Vaccine Revenue This Year

Pfizer Inc. expects its 2021 COVID-19 vaccine sales to skyrocket to USD 26 billion in 2021 as global demand for the two-dose shot continues to soar, with governments worldwide scrambling to defeat the pandemic.

The forecast is in line with contracts the US drug manufacturer and its German partner BioNTech have clinched with countries around the world to deliver 1.6 billion vaccine doses this year, the company’s CEO Albert Bourla told CNN in an interview on Tuesday. “Based on what we’ve seen we believe that a durable demand for our COVID-19 vaccine, similar to that of the flu vaccines, is a likely outcome,” he said, adding that sales generated this year are likely to remain steady in the coming years.

The company plans to produce at least three billion doses of its vaccine next year, while it plans to have safety and efficacy data from a third booster dose ready by July, he added.



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