Plan Set To End School Year

National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim condemned the Israeli aggressive attempt to annex the Jordan Valley, affirming that he is ready to work with the parliaments of Arab and friendly countries to expose such illegal action and form a global lobby.

Speaking on behalf of the MPs, Al- Ghanim stressed the need for a firm Arab and international position on the Israeli plans; as well as the need to put an end to Israel’s arrogance and prevent the latter from violating resolutions approved by the international community, especially those related to the Palestinian land that Israel occupied in 1967.

He praised the positions of Arab and friendly countries, particularly that of Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein who pays special attention to this issue due to certain geographic and historical considerations.

Meanwhile, on the case of the Bangladeshi MP, MP Sa’adoun Hammad asked the Legislative Affairs Committee to approve the Public Prosecution’s request to lift his parliamentary immunity.

Hammad confirmed that he is sure about his righteous position, indicating he read the minutes of investigations conducted by the prosecution during which the Bangladeshi MP said the Ministry of Interior’s investigators put pressure on him to name the MPs involved in the case if he wants to be released.

Disclosing there has been an allegation that he received a check for KD 50,000 from the Bangladeshi MP, Hammad said the Bangladeshi MP told the ministry’s investigators that he handed over the check to the assistant manager of a company who is related to him (Hammad).

When the prosecution pointed out to the Bangladeshi MP that the assistant manager left Kuwait in 2017 while the contracts were signed in 2018/2019, he denied what he said earlier at the Criminal Investigation Department in the ministry, Hammad added. Hammad believes the accusations hurled at him are aimed at diverting attention from the main issues; stressing that everyone knows he does not need KD 50,000 and most of his friends are rich businessmen who can give him KD 5 million if he asks for it. He also revealed that assigned his lawyer to monitor mainstream and social media platforms as he intends to take legal action against anyone who accuses him without presenting evidence.

In another development, MP Ali Al-Daqbasi submitted a plan to end the current academic year for grades one to eleven and consider the first semester academic marks as the final results. He suggested reducing to five percent the percentage of grade 10 marks added to students’ marks in grade 12, while the percentage of grade 11 marks should be reduced from 20 percent to 10 percent.

It is worth mentioning that the final marks of grade 12 students are calculated as follows: 10 percent of their grade 10 marks plus 20 percent of their grade 11 marks and 70 percent of their grade 12 marks. The lawmaker’s proposal includes six weeks compulsory online education for about 38,000 grade 12 students to be followed by the termination of the academic year; adding the marks obtained in the first semester will be considered the final results.

He said about 19,000 grade 12 students are expected to receive their marks for the first semester, indicating these students should be given a chance to take exams to improve their marks.

He recommended allowing the students to choose three subjects for which they will be tested and they should comply with the health regulations during the examination. He added the students who did not pass the first semester exams and those who could not take the exams – about 9,000 students – will be allowed to take the exams provided they strictly follow the health regulations.


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