Plan To Link Travel, Vaccination – ‘My ID’ Use Advised

With the last days of the Ramadan month, everyone is waiting to see what decision the Council of Ministers will take concerning the partial curfew, reports Al-Anba daily. Sources told the daily the Ministry of Health is expected to have its say and many people expect the curfew to end given its economic, psychological and social benefits. The decision-maker has to make double efforts to encourage people to register and receive the vaccine, so it may be useful to consider expanding the proposals of specialists, including the end of the curfew only for people who have received the vaccination, who have immunized themselves from infection, which even if it occurs, its effect will be mild.

It is not measured by the same symptoms that afflict those who did not receive the vaccine even among the elderly who suffer from chronic diseases, or the curfew ends for everyone but the entry to restaurants and cafés is restricted to the people who are vaccinated, even if this is limited to the Eid holidays to prevent gatherings and protect everyone’s health. The sources announced that the ‘My Identity’ should be made use of to allow people who are vaccinated to enter vital places and service facilities, restaurants and cinemas after it is officially activated showing the vaccination certificate data for Kuwaitis and expatriates and the Civil ID.

The sources said the Ministry of Health has set a mechanism to implement the decision to link travel with vaccination, which it will present to Corona Emergency Committee before circulating it to the competent authorities. The sources said the committee is expected to control the departures and arrivals from and into the country and people whose travel has been postponed due to illness or otherwise may be permitted to travel.


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