Privileges Aplenty For Anti-virus Vaccinated

After the recent decision issued by the Council of Ministers to ban citizens who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus from traveling starting from May 22, it is now clear that people who got vaccinated will enjoy many privileges in Kuwait and abroad; especially since many countries have announced these privileges, reports Al-Rai daily.

Following are the most important privileges so far:
1. Provision of services in some commercial establishments for those who got two doses of the vaccine.

2. Cancellation of the requirement to undergo tests upon return from travel for those who got vaccinated and those who recovered from the disease.

3. Quarantine exemption for those vaccinated who are coming from low-risk countries.

4. Countries intend to approve the proposed issuance of vaccination certificates to allow those holding such certificates to attend public events like sports competitions and parties.

5. Permission to pray in mosques for those who have been vaccinated.

6. Permission to travel through the issuance of ‘green’ passports for vaccinated passengers.

7. Ease entry restrictions for fully vaccinated tourists.



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