Prominent Community Leader Lawrence Pinto Passes Away

Indian National and a prominent Konkani community leader in Kuwait Lawrence Pinto passed away today, Tuesday at the age of 73.

Lawrence, popularly known as Pinto or Lawryaab retired from the position of stores and purchase manager at Bader Al Mulla in 2011.

Pinto was known for many social service activities. He was a very active member of the Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (KCWA) and served as their president for a period of 2 years. During his time at KCWA, he started computer school (SASS) for the physically handicapped, administered by Apostolic Carmel nuns of St Agnes School, Mangaluru. He also started the mortuary fund in KCWA.

Lawrence was treasurer and then general secretary of the prestigious Indian Arts Circle.

Lawrence Pinto also co-founded a hugely popular ‘Gulf Voice of Mangalore Konkani singing reality show. He was known for promoting Konkani in Kuwait. He was instrumental in uniting the Konkani-speaking people, the Mangalureans and the Goans residing in Kuwait under one umbrella through sports as well as his super-hit cultural program ‘Konkani Ekvottachi Sanz’ and many other social-cultural programs.

Lawrence leaves behind his wife Virginia and sons Christopher and Clifford.



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