Public Authority For Manpower: 100% Of Employees Will Be Working As Of August

The Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower, Ahmed Al-Mousa, issued Administrative Circular No. (15) of 2021, regarding regulating the process of attendance and departure of employees, based on the manual of policies, procedures and rules for the gradual return to work in government agencies, and its content of exempting all or some of the stipulated cases.

The circular, of which the newspaper obtained a copy, stipulated the suspension of work in all cases of exemption from work, except for the following, whose exemption continues, namely, the pregnant employee who did not receive two doses of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, the disabled employee, and the employee suffering from heart disease or Kidney failure or cancer, and these diseases are proven by a certificate from the competent medical authority at the Ministry of Health.

The circular also canceled the flexible working systems and remote work, with a return to work with the full official work force by 100 percent, without prejudice to the text of Article (1) of the circular, and also stipulated a return to the usual official working hours that start at half past seven in the morning It ends at 2:30 in the afternoon, and female employees are allowed to leave a quarter of an hour before the scheduled end time.

The circular allowed employees to sign within 30 minutes from the start of the fixed time for work, and those who did not sign are considered late, and the delay period is calculated from the end of the grace period. The circular also re-established the process of verifying attendance and leaving through the usual “fingerprint” system through the devices at the authority, and employees may use the application Allocated to prove attendance and leave on their mobile phones, stressing the employees of the need to adhere to the health and precautionary requirements approved by the health authorities, provided that the circular works as of the first of next August.




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