Reducing or Not Providing Employee Salary During Emergencies is Prohibited Under Article 61 of Kuwait Law

Article 61 of Kuwait Labor Law

The employer shall undertake to pay the salaries of his labourers during the closure
period if he intentionally closes the firm in order to force the labourers to submit or
surrender to his demands. Also, he shall be obliged to pay the salaries of his labourers
for the entire period during which the firm is closed, whether totally or partially, for any
other reason which the workers have no hand in it, since the employer would like them
to continue to work with him.

As the spread of coronavirus all over the country, we found some of the companies reducing the salaries for the employees and here we want to clarify something that according to article (61) by the Kuwaiti government law it’s not allowed during the emergencies to reduce the salaries for the workers and the workers should take service benefits throughout the complete or partial closure in case such a closure is due to any other reason not related to the worker so if anyone facing this problem he should come to the office and meet the lawyer and take the legal advice for how to behave in such situation

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