Resumption Of 30% Of Commercial Flights At The Beginning Of August

Deputy Director-General of Airport Affairs at the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Saleh Al-Fedaghi revealed that the first stage of operating commercial flights at Kuwait Airport will start next August for a period of 6 months, after which it will be evaluated and taking the decision to move to the second stage or take corrective action.

Al-Fadaghi told Al-Jarida that the plan envisaged reaching the recovery phase, that is, the full operation of the airport on August 1, 2021, in the absence of any negative or positive external influences, such as the appearance of a coronavirus treatment or vaccination of the disease, in coordination with all The concerned parties, headed by the Council of Ministers, the Ministries of Interior and Health, and the General Administration of Customs.

He added that the first stage will be for the aircraft leaving and coming to the airport with 30 percent of the number of passengers before the Corona pandemic stage, expecting that this percentage will not be reached, given that most of the world’s airports are unstable and their decisions are unclear and most of them are closed, in addition to that the open airports require many health controls, Such as providing PCR screening, insurance, and home insulation application, which will reduce people’s desire to travel, but there are necessary situations that have special circumstances that require travel.

He explained that the “civil aviation” will translate the 30 percent to actual schedules after coordination with the airlines wishing to operate their flights to Kuwait Airport, in addition to the national operator, Kuwait Airways, and Jazeera Airways.

He stated that the “Civil Aviation”, under the guidance of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of State for Services and the President of Civil Aviation, presented its vision in the commercial restart of the airport, indicating that the administration formed a team in this regard to study and prepare the airport restart process consisting of most of the operating authorities at the airport, The operating requirements were identified and divided into urgent necessary matters requiring implementation in the first stage, and other in the second stage.

He pointed out that the most urgent requirements are the application of social divergence and the prevention of friction between airport staff and travelers due to the non-transmission of the virus, by establishing barriers and placing plasters in addition to health guidelines on the necessity of wearing masks and not shaking hands, as well as the presence of thermal cameras in the airport gates.

He stated that the second group of equipment will include reducing as much as possible the exchange and paper handling between travelers and employees through the latest electronic devices and systems, in addition to studying how to deal with restaurants, cafes, chapels and toilets at the airport, pointing out that “civil aviation” added an important clause to a contract Airport hygiene relates to comprehensive sterilization of the building and offices.

It is worth noting that “Civil Aviation” announced the evening of the first day yesterday that the first stage of operating commercial flights at the airport by no more than 30 percent, and that the number of passengers does not exceed 10,000 per day, and the maximum number of flights is 100 per day, which extends 6 months.

The second stage will be at a rate not exceeding 60 percent, provided that the number of passengers does not exceed 20 thousand per day, the maximum number of trips is 200 per day, and also extends 6 months, while the last stage, which begins August 2021, is running at 100 percent, and the number Passengers to more than 30 thousand per day, the maximum number of trips 300 per day.


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