‘Royal’ Gets 2 Years In Battery Case

The Criminal Court sentenced a ruling family member to two-year imprisonment with hard labor, and imposed a fine of KD 500. The court also sentenced his friend to one-year imprisonment with hard labor. The two were convicted of assaulting health workers of the Ministry of Health at Adan Hospital. The court acquitted the health workers and patients who had retaliated against the assault of the two suspects.

According to the case file, the accused and his accomplice assaulted the health workers after the accused demanded them to refer his son into surgery without following proper protocols. When they refused, he became violent towards the workers, insulted them and assaulted them. The accused and his accomplice also insulted a police officer who was called to maintain order and disperse the scuffle in which two members of the public who were inside the hospital at the time also became involved.

Representing the victims was Lawyer Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan who said the ruling family member and his accomplice assaulted his clients and humiliated them for performing their duties. According to the investigation conducted in this regard, medical reports described the injuries sustained by the several victims who were retaliating in self-defense against the aggression of the accused.



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