Saudi Woman Sues Friend For Destroying Her Marriage

A Saudi woman filed a lawsuit against her friend for alienation of affection and causing her divorce, local media reported.

The wife said the friend frequently urged her to search her husband’s mobile phone, because of the many stories about husbands’ betrayal.

“She was also inciting her to treat her husband badly, which caused marital problems between them, and after several months she found out her friend was inciting her against her husband, because she was living an unstable marital life,” the woman claimed.

The woman demanded her friend be jailed and claimed punitive damages in the form of a fine.

Lawyer Assem Al Mulla said if convicted the friend could face jail time of up to three months and/or a fine, provided that the plaintiff presents sufficient evidence.

“In case the alienation of affection is indirect, that is, by a woman who transmits to the wife false and bad information about the husband, and with the intent of perverting her marraige, the penalty could be either 10 days imprisonment or a fine,” Al Mulla said.

Maha Al Ahmadi, a mental health counsellor, said studies showed that wives are much more likely than husbands to discuss their marital problems with their friends, which, over time, may make any existing marital concerns worse and could actually increase the likelihood of divorce.

“Women in troubled marriage could get their negative attitudes to creep into other women’s marriage, which eventually ends in divorce,” Al Ahmadi said.

She advised couples understanding between spouses and convergence of viewpoints are among the main reasons for a relationship that is not tainted by problems. “So make sure that your personal life should remain personal and when other people interfere in your personal space, then politely let them know your personal space and ask them to keep away from it as they also wont like it if you interfere in their personal lives,” Al Ahmadi said.




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