Saudis Defamed For Writing Bad Cheques

Saudi authorities have named and shamed six Saudi bad cheque issuers, who had their names, ID card numbers as well as their prison terms and fines published in local media at their own expense, local media reported.

The men were convicted of writing bad cheques by the criminal court and were handed down fines and/or prison terms of up to three months.

Under the Saudi law, anyone convicted of doing so is liable to be imprisoned for up to three years and face a fine of up to SR50,000. If the offence is repeated within three years, the maximum period of imprisonment increases to five years and the maximum fine to SR100,000.

The law also authorises publishing of offenders’ names, provided that the court specifies how this may occur.

Saudi laws deal strictly with anyone who writes a cheque without having sufficient funds in their bank account to cover it.




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