Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist On Our Planet

If you think that the Seven Wonders of the Natural World are incredible, then wait until you see these strange and eerie places and how they came to be. Simply put, these are places that scientists and experts cannot explain; they literally resort to calling them “alien in nature”.

The Lightning that appears on the sky that science cannot explain known as “The everlasting thunderstorm” or “Catatumbo lightning”, where lightning flashes 28 times a minute.


The cave that has its very own atmosphere separate from the earth known as the Movile Cave from South-East Romania.


The lake that is so radioactive that it will literally kill you within an hour if you even dare to stay within a couple of meters of it known as Lake Karachay.


The double tree of Casorza that literally grows on top of another living tree.


Science has simply given up on explaining these, but that doesn’t stop us from theorizing about them!



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