Social Gatherings, The Reason Behind The Increase In The Number Of Covid Cases

Ministry of Health is actively conducting epidemiological investigations of all recorded daily coronavirus cases in the country, especially with the almost constant rates of new infections. Even though the number of cases resulting from gatherings and social events has decreased since the beginning of Ramadan, compared to previous months, Al Qabas reported.

The sources told the daily that the most common reason for the spread of the coronavirus is the organization of events as healthy people get in contact with infected people at social gatherings. The sources said that the epidemiological investigation teams face difficulties determining the reason behind the spread of the virus as people are not very honest in disclosing the locations in which they were present, before feeling symptoms of infection with Covid 19.

On the other hand, the Kuwait Vaccination Center in the exhibition grounds witnessed long queues that extended to the main gate the day before yesterday, which aroused the dissatisfaction of citizens and their children.

Informed sources in the Ministry of Health confirmed to the daily that the reason for the crowding and queues at the Kuwait Vaccination Center last Saturday evening was the influx of large numbers of students from grades 5, 6, and 12 and their parents.



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