State Bodies Have Ignored Us

The head of the Sabah Al-Ahmad City Residents Voluntary Committee, Turki Al-Osaimi, regrets that officials in various government institutions have ignored the problems and disasters that afflict the residents of Sabah Al-Ahmad area. In an exclusive interview Al-Osaimi told the Al- Seyassah daily, that it is necessary to implement the road project — the Wafra Road, which is called the ‘Road of Death’ due to the accumulation of sand dunes and add to this the collection of construction waste spread all over the area which adds insult to injury.
He mentioned the Sabah Al-Ahmad region will be transformed into a seventh governorate in the event the university project is implemented, as the officials have promised to do so. He went on to say, the committee has called on the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) on the necessity of the investment projects in the region completing on time, but unfortunately, on an average it takes about five years to complete one project. Speaking of the projects, he said the most important projects that are needed are residential buildings, markets, malls, parks and restaurants for the development of the area. He went on to say, “We demand the expansion of restaurants in the area, especially since the Sabah Al-Ahmad area has six residential areas, and each area is equivalent to 1,700 plots of land. Speaking of the roads project, he spoke of linking Al- Wafra Road with the Seventh Ring Road ‘Al-Maqwa’ and branch out from Al-Wafra, crossing the oil-prohibited zone through the Burgan field and the oil fields, reaching Al- Maqwa, the G-Ring intersection with the airport. This road will also connect the south to the governorates of Kuwait. Speaking of this road network, he referred to the Council of Ministers and said the former oil minister was very cooperative.

Moreover, he said this road network will eliminate traffic congestion, as the Sabah Al-Ahmad area and the surrounding new areas are all somehow connected to the Wafra Road, and for this “we ask for more than one road in the area. For example when the rains hit the area in 2018, the people of the area were cut off from the rest of Kuwait and people were unable to go to work 3 days.” He said the Sabah Al-Ahmad area has a population of about 45 thousand people, and the vast majority of them are citizens, and due to the increasing number of the region, more than one ‘mercy’ road must be built for students and employees.

The regional road, consisting of 3 contracts, connects 3 roads to each other, of which one contract has been executed and the rest have yet to see the light of day. It exits Nuwaiseeb and connects the south with the north and west of Kuwait. The problem is that the Ministry of Public Works and the Roads Authority has put this project on the shelves and pretends that there is no budget.



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