Step-by-step Plan To Restart Trips

Local Arabic newspaper Al Rai reported that While attention is focused on the government meeting, which will review tomorrow the list of the 32 countries from which those coming from them are prohibited from entering the country, “Source learned about a possible tendency to remove a number of countries from the list, within the framework of a “gradual plan” based on the health conditions in those countries, Where the Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, will present a detailed health report on the latest developments related to the Corona epidemic.

The sources suggested that “a consensus formula will be found between the ministries of health, foreign affairs, the interior and the General Administration of Civil Aviation regarding the exclusion of some countries as a first stage, provided that the list is reviewed periodically, based on the follow-up of the health conditions in each country according to the percentage of low infection rate.”

They pointed out that the countries that will be removed from the list will be subject to a careful health evaluation before allowing the opening of the skies with them, explaining that this will take place within the framework of the first phase of the plan to operate commercial flights that began on August 1 (an employment rate that does not exceed 30% and a number Trips of no more than 100 and the number of passengers not more than 10 thousand per day)
In the context of the first phase, official statistics obtained by “Al-Rai” showed that last August witnessed the departure of 632 flights carrying 76,237 passengers and the arrival of 541 flights with 28,205 passengers on board.
In the first 8 days of September, the number of departing flights reached 167, with 14,295 passengers on board, while the number of flights that arrived 168 with 9,808 passengers on board,

Source: Alraimedia


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