Stranded Grade 12 Students In Soup – ‘School Year At Risk’

More than 40 Grade 12 students who are still stranded outside the country face a problem because they will not be able to take the exams if the tests are held next month, reports Al-Anba daily. Informed educational sources told the daily the stranded students, are not Kuwaiti but most of them are children of teachers who also are stranded and study online according to the system followed by the Ministry of Education. They could not return because of the prevailing health conditions. However, there is no bulletin or a decision issued by the Ministry of Education to prevent them from distance learning while outside the country.

The sources indicated that students were obliged to attend the lessons virtually and indicated that they answer short tests and assignments online as requested by the school administration. However, the same sources emphasized that if conditions continue as they are, it would be very difficult for them to enter the country and answer the exams with their fellow students, pointing out that in this case the rules and regulations for their absence will be applied. In this context, the same sources indicated that some embassies of student countries are in the process of addressing the education ministry in order to find a solution to the problem. The question the embassies ask is ‘What is the fault of the students, who stand to lose one academic year. The embassies suggest electronic exams remotely just like the study.



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