Stray Dogs Menace In Scrapyard

A number of garage workers, repairing and selling auto parts in Al Salmi scrapyard have demanded that a solution be found to the problem of stray dogs in the area.] The workers said the cleaning companies should pay attention to removing scrap waste, and garbage which more often than not overflow with car tires and pieces of rickety cars and remain for a long time until they are removed.

Mohammad Al-Zaini, an official of an auto parts workshop in Al-Salmi, said stray dogs have already become a menace in all streets of Al-Salmi Scrap area, which requires a solution, especially as it becomes frightening and the dogs can attack the workers any moment. Muhammad Ali, a seller of used spare parts says neglect and slums are widespread in Al Salmi scrapyard, pointing out that the problem is not only in stray dogs, but in the lack of commitment by garbage companies to lift garbage on time, indicating some garages now throw their waste randomly on the ground because the garbage bins are overflowing.



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