Study On Return Of Expats

The people in charge of Kuwait Airport are studying easing restrictions on travel procedures for departing and arriving passengers which will lead to an increase in the airport’s operational capacity in this month. Many countries have resumed their air traffic and have eased the procedures for arrivals.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation had various meetings with concerned authorities with a concrete plan and to submit a final report to the Council of Ministers in order to prepare for the arrival of passengers with a plan. The sources stated that among the suggestions was to increase the operation from current 10% to 30% to allow entry of expats provided they are vaccinated and hold valid residence.  The most prominent plan proposed includes setting a quota for expats to arrive coming into Kuwait in specific numbers under strict conditions one of them is to allow entry of those who have received two doses of any one of the vaccines approved and officially recognized in Kuwait (Pfizer, Astrazeneca – Oxford, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson), reports Al Rai. PCR examination to be conducted within 3 days of arrival and if the result is negative there won’t be a need to quarantine the passenger. Currently the same procedures have been implemented for Kuwaiti citizens who arrive in Kuwait, but a different procedure will be applied to those who arrive with one dose of approved vaccine as he/she will require institutional quarantine for a week and home quarantine for another week.

Those who are not vaccinated with approved vaccines in Kuwait will not be allowed to enter Kuwait in the near future as this measures aims to tighten precautionary measures and take utmost precautions with those who are coming to Kuwait. Currently Kuwait International Airport is witnessing departures of students who are studying abroad and some Kuwaiti citizens and some expats who wish to spend their summer vacation abroad.




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