Tariq Al-Muzaram: For The Residents Of The Isolated Areas Rest Assured,You Will Be Safe

Tariq Al-Muzaram, head of the Government Communication Center, official spokesman for the government, affirmed that the government is fully and fully prepared regarding the areas in which it is decided to apply isolation, in terms of securing their daily necessities of food, gas, etc., addressing his address to the residents of the isolated areas: .

Al-Mazram said, in the press conference, that “government solidarity is at its highest level since the beginning of the crisis, and ministers work in the spirit of one team, are present around the clock, everyone works and is united and there are specialized committees that include ministers, there is government cohesion in its strongest cases now,” noting that “Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been wary of rumors, and we are betting on the awareness of the citizen and the resident in facing and repelling them.”
Al-Mozarm announced cabinet decisions to extend the implementation of his decision to temporarily suspend all ministries, government agencies, public bodies and institutions, until further notice. The decision stipulated the extension of the Council’s decision on April 20 last, regarding suspending all ministries, government agencies, public bodies and institutions in a precautionary manner, as of Sunday, April 26, until Thursday, May 28 this month, as rest days that extend until further notice.

He explained that it is permissible for the concerned minister or the head of the authority to decide that all or some of the occupants of the leadership positions and the employees of those who hold these positions are not included in this comfort in order to prepare for the return of the work.
He added that, given the exceptional nature of dealing with the requirements of facing this crisis, the bodies, bodies and entities with a special nature of work, including the oil sector, with their knowledge will organize the rules of their work in determining those who require their commitment to practice their business in each of them according to what is required by the work interest and achieve the public interest .
He pointed out that the second decision provided for amending the period of partial curfews in the country, to be from six o’clock in the evening until six o’clock in the morning every day, from Saturday, May 30, until further notice


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