Teams Identify Illegal Cash Collection During Ramadan

The inspection teams affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs have identified a number of violations with the start of the Ramadan month, including cash collection and ‘attempts’ made to collect donations. The sources pointed out that the ministry stressed all charity societies are prevented from collecting cash donations and that all such collections must be made through bank deductions using the K-Net, and other electronic means.

If anyone is found collecting donations in cash exposes himself/herself to legal accountability. The sources said all charity societies must abide by Ministerial Resolution No. 28/A of 2016, which allows “online” collection via ‘K-Net” and smart phone applications, with a commitment to use only the society’s bank accounts approved by the ministry. The sources pointed out the ministry monitors the social media to ensure that there are no invitations for donations in violation of the law, and only those who collect donations have obtained the approval of the ministry. It is noteworthy to mention that teams which are formed to follow up charity work during the blessed month of Ramadan comprises personnel from the Ministry of Interior, the Kuwait Municipality, the Public Authority for Manpower and a number of other government agencies.



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