The Ban Reduced The Completion Of Projects

The partial ban, which has been in effect since March 7, has reduced the pace of implementation of government projects in the sectors of electricity, water, works and housing by 20-25 percent compared to the period that preceded the ban, according to informed sources in those.

The sources told that the reduction of the number of working hours in these projects has a negative impact on the completion rates, with the exception of the sectors specializing in the work of asphalt brushes, which doubled the completion rates.

The sources expected that “the companies contracting with the three parties will compensate the delay rates in the projects assigned to them after the partial ban is lifted,” indicating that “if the ban continues for longer periods than expected, it will inevitably lead to an increase in the delay rates to more than 40 percent, especially with the entry of The summer season in which companies abide by the decision to ban work at noon time in open places.



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