The Entrances And Exits Of Farwaniya And Khaitan In The Custody Of The “Ministry Of Interior”

After 8 days of the army and the National Guard took over the implementation of the Cabinet’s decision to isolate the Farwaniya and Khaitan regions, the Ministry of Interior today took over securing the security at the entrances and exits of the two regions, provided that the army and the guard would assume security control and full supervision from within the two regions.

“Al-Qabas” sources said: “A coordination between the leaders of the 3 military agencies resulted in new decisions that included emptying the army units to secure and isolate the Farwaniya area from the inside, and leaving the security at the entrances and exits of to the Ministry of Interior,” noting that the same thing applied to The exits and entrances of Khaitan, which is handled by the guards.

The sources added that the military leaders have seen the comprehensive evaluation of the two regions during the past 8 days, and it has been found that the army and guards have succeeded in imposing security control in the two areas, isolating them completely, and implementing cabinet decisions.

The sources indicated that the security forces at the entrances and exits are the main test with the public, and are subject to many variables related to non-exposure permits that the Ministry of Interior is responsible for issuing and activating, and therefore handigover it to Ministry of Inteiror is the most appropriate.

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