The Gloomy Weather To Continue This Week

The active northwest wind with speed exceeding 70 kilometers per hour during the past two days carried thousands of tons of fine sand to the highways, in addition to the thick suspended dust that enveloped the skies of Kuwait and descended on homes and cars. This leaves behind a gloom that is expected to continue this week, Al-Rai daily reported.

Meteorologist Muhammad Karam the daily that the instability in Kuwait’s dusty weather is expected to continue till Wednesday, as a result of the activity of dry northwest winds.He said that the Kuwait and the Arabian Peninsula region are currently affected by the progression of the Indian seasonal thermal depression from the east, with the presence of the atmospheric high from the west in the Arabian Peninsula, which causes the escalation of pressure lines, which leads to active northwest winds that reach speeds of up to More than 70 kilometers per hour.

This further leads to a decrease in horizontal visibility to less than 500 meters in some interior areas.

Karam explained that the unstable weather is expected to continue to vary until next Wednesday, especially since Kuwait is currently going through the period of the Bawareh season. The Indian depression is expected to last for 40 days, pointing out that the weather temperature will range during this period between 43 to 44 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, the sand encroachment on the highways remains a problem that worries officials of the Ministry of Works and the Public Authority for Roads, throughout the year, because of the grave danger it poses to the lives of road users.



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