The Ministry Of Education Addresses The Ministry Of The Interior To Facilitate The Entry Of Stranded High School Students Into The Country

While the exams for the second round of twelfth grade students will start next Sunday, educational sources revealed to “ that the Ministry of Education addressed its counterpart, the “Interior”, regarding facilitating the entry procedures for about 200 students from the stranded expatriates in their countries, so that they could take their final exams for the academic year, after they had not They can enter the first round exams.Aljarida reported.

The sources confirmed that the Undersecretary of “Education”, Dr. Ali Al-Yacoub told his counterpart the Undersecretary of the “Interior” with the names of the aforementioned stranded students and the countries coming from them, after the approval of the Council of Ministers to expedite their return, pointing out at the same time that there is a major crisis faced by the parents of the stranded students abroad that may hinder them from entering the second round exams related to the difficulty of obtaining tickets In addition to their high prices, and the lack of clarity of vision regarding the stone that will be applied to them if they enter.


The sources pointed out that the educational zones have counted the number of twelfth grade students stranded abroad, and it was found that their number is approximately 200 students, indicating that the decisions of the Council of Ministers related to the entry of expatriates will be implemented.

She stated that the ministry seeks to ensure that stranded students take their final exams, whether during the period of the second round exams or by admitting those who are unable to enter the exceptional exams that are scheduled to be held next September.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf raised the names of these people to the “Corona Committee” on May 25, to exclude them from the decision to ban flights from some countries, to enable them to return to Kuwait directly and perform the tests.




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