The Probability Of Dying From COVID Is 40 Times Higher Than Death Due To The Vaccine

One of the most prominent preventive medicine and public health specialists in India revealed that the current official statistics indicate that the probability of death due to Covid-19 is 40 times higher, compared to the probability of death due to the risks that may result from receiving an anti coronavirus vaccine.

Specialist Dr. TS Silvainayagam was quoted by the newspaper ‘The New Indian Express’ saying that the data obtained from statistical comparisons indicate that the probability of death due to adverse complications related to the Covid-19 vaccine is only 2 out of every million cases.

The newspaper also quoted Dr. Gagandeep Kang, who is the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Indian National Union to Face the Corona Pandemic, as saying, ‘When it comes to risk factors related to any vaccine, it is statistically impossible to determine them based on one isolated case or a few cases. Those factors can only be monitored through the follow-up and analysis of millions of cases,’ stressing that the current assessments confirm that the benefits of vaccines greatly outweigh their potential risks.



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