“The Unskilled Expats are a Burden on the Country” – Plan to Cut At Least Million of Expats within 3 Months

Within Three Months We Can reduce Them

The head of the Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee, MP Khalil Al-Saleh, said that “the immediate solution to the problem of demographics does not need to wait for a long period but it can be implemented within 3 months immediately after the resumption of flights.”

There are about a million expats that can be got rid off immediately including those who violate residency. There are around 168,000 residence violators and marginal workers are around half a million in addition to this there are those whose contracts expire in ministries and government institutions.

Al-Saleh stated that “After this step, we can start laying down an action plan to amend the composition and pass laws to fix the issue which has impacted us in social, economic and security clearly during the crisis of corona. They reaching 70 percent of the population is something that cannot be tolerated, and the warning came from the top in the government from His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled “.

He added, “We in the committee are awaiting the responses of the authorities concerned with the demographics file regarding the proposals that were presented to them at a meeting. The unskilled expats are a burden on the country”.

He further stated that “The committee set in previous meetings the work plan, and we will not wait for long, as the governmental committee on the demographics that formed since 2014 includes all the authorities involved in the file, to submit an integrated project especially that it has all the statistics and data related to the file. It must accelerate the process of the project according to what they promised at the meeting. If the committee does not submit its draft, we have proposals for laws that fulfill the purpose, and we will merge them to prepare our report so that it can be presented to the council as soon as the sessions resume. ”

He stated that “The plan has two sections one is the quota and replacement system, other is the number of each community must be legalized and not exceeding 25 percent of the number of expatriates. Besides this it needs to replace Kuwaitis in government jobs, especially those jobs that Kuwaitis can carry out”.

Al-Saleh called for concerted efforts to fix the apparent imbalance in the demographics and within 3 months we can reduce the expat number and we must not renew those whose contract ends in the government and not transfer their residency to the private sector.

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