Thousands Vaccinated, No ‘side Effects’ So Far In Kuwait

The Public Health Services Department in the Al-Sabah Specialized Health District is racing against time and has vaccinated more than 18,000 medical and administrative staff affiliated to the region, representing a third of the medical and technical personnel in all health districts. The Al-Seyassah daily visited the vaccination unit for doctors, nurses, and workers at the Islamic Medicine Center in the region, and met with the head of the Public Health Services Department in the region, Dr. Samira al-Qabandi, who ushered in the visitors so that they can closely examine the mechanism of work and to learn more about the immunization movement of medical and technical personnel.

At the outset of the meeting, Al-Qabandi indicated that the Islamic Medicine Vaccination Unit (IMVU) provided services to more than 18,000 medical and administrative staff, since the region includes 30 specialized centers and hospitals, in addition to many service companies such as cleaning and catering companies and those working on the construction projects in the health district who are estimated to be in thousands. She explained the unit also serves more than 19 central departments, in addition to the Ministry of Health employees, which means that the Islamic Medicine Unit serves the largest number of visitors at the level of all health districts.

Dr Al-Qabandi indicated about 5 thousand people have been vaccinated since the beginning of the campaign to vaccinate workers in hospitals and the Al-Sabah health area on February 21 until now. She explained the daily capacity for vaccination in the unit reaches 500 people, but it ranges between 100 and 400 people depending on the availability of the vaccinations. She revealed the Director of Al-Sabah Specialized Medical District, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shatti and the Department of Public Health Services in the region have written to the Ministry of Health to increase the number of vaccinations allocated to the Islamic Medicine Vaccination Unit, as it serves the largest number of medical and nursing staff in all health districts, equivalent to one-third of the number of employees in the health districts as a whole, and hopes the Ministry will meet the needs of the unit.

Regarding the mechanism of work within the unit, Al-Qabandi said registration on the electronic platform is the first step, and as soon as the nurses or employees and workers wishing to be vaccinated arrive at the center, the specialized team in the ‘Ask Me’ program records the data electronically, then transfers them to the preventive health doctors to know the medical history and other data and health inquiries, and after completing this step, the person is transferred to the vaccination room. She added that after receiving the vaccine, the vaccinated person has to remains put at the center for 15 minutes in the observation room in anticipation of any emergency side effects as a result of receiving the vaccination, and after the expiration of the period and ensuring the person’s safety, the person leaves the unit. She indicated the unit includes five vaccination rooms, staffed by more than 15 male and female nurses, in addition to preventive and internal health doctors and paramedics as well, as there is an ambulance near the Islamic Medicine Center to transport emergency cases to the Al-Sabah Hospital, and confirmed the unit has not registered any emergency cases until now.



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