Tourism Offices Complete With Attractive Offers As KIA Operation Capacity Increase

Kuwait International Airport would increase the operational capacity for incoming flights to 5,000 passengers per day starting from Saturday, May 22nd with the implementation of directives issued by Civil Aviation. After the announcement of increased operations at KIA, Tourism offices are competing with generous offers for the summer season, Al Anbaa reported.

The travel offices in Kuwait have begun to offer attractive offers to those wishing to travel to different destinations, such as Bosnia and Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, etc.

In addition, many travel agencies are bearing special expenses such as travel insurance, worth not exceeding KD 5 per week. The number of new destinations that airlines want to add may range from 5 to 15 destinations,

The daily met with several owners of tourism and travel offices, who emphasized that the recent decision, which will increase the operational capacity of arriving flights to Kuwait International Airport, will greatly revive the travel Industry, especially with the implementation of mandatory institutional quarantine.

They said that the Ministry of Health’s decision to reduce the cost of PCR from KD 30 to KD 20 may not contribute to reducing the value of the ticket. Rather, all current prices will increase between 10% to 15%.

They added that the travel demand will start at the end of this month and continue until mid-September with the reopening of schools. The Kuwait travel market is expected to boom during the summer, as many families were not able to travel for up to a year and a half since the beginning of the pandemic.



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