Ukraine Extends Gratitude To Kuwait For Providing Financial Support To Emerge Chernobyl Confinement

On April 26th, Ukraine marks the 35th anniversary of the worst man-made disaster in the history of the world – the Chernobyl tragedy.

The dreadful consequences of this nuclear accident were sadly made worse as a result of the Soviet system of secrecy. This was a society in which media freedom and individual freedom of expression did not exist. Worse still, the Soviet authorities attempted to conceal the truth of what had happened and to minimize the consequences and the true fallout of the disaster.

Standing as a symbol of the deadly nature of disinformation, the Chornobyl tragedy has evolved to become a symbol of solidarity and an exemplar of what the international community can achieve when it is united in its efforts to achieve peace and security.

More than 6 000 specialists control the radiation security in Chernobyl zone in addition to enhancing the ecological situation. Safety is the main product of the Chornobyl zone!

Visit tours to Chernobyl zone are being organized within safe routes only. The tour duration is flexible and can be extended up to 5 days. Apart from the abandoned city, there is a natural reserve with a total area of more than 230 thousand hectares which hosts wild nature and around 200 historical landmarks. More than 400 animal species live inside the natural reserve, among them 75 – endangered species, as well as 1000 plant species.



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