University Certificates To Be Registered Online For Those Over 60 Years

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has approved a mechanism for expats who are over 60 years old to register their approved academic certificates to renew their work permits online in accordance with the legal procedures and regulations that allow for their renewal, Al-Qabas daily reported.

If the employee holds a diploma or university degree and has not previously registered his certificates in the labor departments, he can do so through the automatic certification approval system, informed sources revealed to the daily.

The sources added that it is necessary for the certificates to be approved by the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs, complete with all other required signatures, and with the details clearly filled on the forms of the automated system.

Registration processes

Once the certificate is approved, it is registered during the work permit renewal procedures. The ban on work permit renewals for those who have reached the age of 60 years holding high school diploma holders and below continues.

The sources stated that the amendment to the decision to prevent the renewal of work permits for the aforementioned group entered the final stages and was almost completely finalized. The annual costs for renewing work permits will be KD2000, in addition to health insurance.

The sources pointed out that PAM addressed the Ministry of Health (MoH) regarding determining the nature, type and costs of health insurance for the 60-year-old category, which will be noted within the provisions of the new decision amendments.

The health insurance costs will increase annually in accordance with age and health needs.

According to sources, the amendment has not yet been issued, and all related decisions will be announced once MoH approves the new insurance.



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