Using Larica Pills Is Illegal In Kuwait

The consumption of Larica pills is crime and punishable by law unless it has been prescribed by the medical doctor. A security source told the daily, the Ministry of Health has issued a decision to include Larica pills among the psychotropic substances, and therefore anyone caught in possession of these pills would be referred to Prosecution.

According to a security source, some youth groups of both sexes tend to use these pills frequently and their use has been widespread, which prompted the Ministry of Interior to address the Ministry of Health to include Larica as a psychotropic substance so that the use of Larica can be controlled since the drug falls in the category of narcotic pills. The source indicated that these pills, due to their misuse, have become a threat to young men and women, because it affects the ‘mood’. However, these pills pose a danger to them and their health, due to their misuse and without prescriptions for their use.



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