Vaccination Available For Pregnant And Lactating Women

Member of the Vaccination Committee in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed, confirmed that vaccination against the Coronavirus is currently available for pregnant and lactating women, noting that there is a noticeable increase in the rate of vaccination in the country, as the number of vaccinated people per day touched about 1% of the population, Al Qabas daily reported.

Al-Saeed added via his Twitter account that If we take the number of the population allowed to be vaccinated, other than children, the daily percentage of the number of vaccinated people exceeds 1% of the total population daily.


He added that the vaccination is available to pregnant and lactating women, and encouraged them to register and take the vaccine after studies have proven the safety and effectiveness of vaccination for this segment.

Al-Saeed pointed out that the number of deaths recorded today is frightening, explaining that vaccination and adherence to health precautions are the way out of this wave, stressing the need to avoid social events during this period.



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